8 January 2014

#25 Risk Assessment

There may be the following risks in our filming:


  • There may be a risk (when filming on the stairs outside) of falling, or slipping down/up the stairs, which can be prevented by taking care on the stairs, and looking where we step/the characters step. If this happens, we use first aid skills and take the injured to the medical centre. This is a likely occurrence.  
  • Tripping/slipping is a risk. This can be avoided by taking care, and watching where we/the characters step. If this happens we will use first aid and seek further help. This is fairly likely.
  • Splinters. If a splinter makes its way into someones hand, we will use tweezers and plasters to remove it or send them to the medical centre.
In the bedrooms

  • Banging head on shelf. This is likely to occur if our actress sits up to fast without being aware of the presence of the shelf. We will try to avoid this by making her fully aware of where the shelf is, and try to cover the corner to avoid injuries. This is quite unlikely.
  • Risk of camera/equipment falling. This is highly unlikely, but we will be wearing wrist straps to avoid this, and if it does happen, we will seek further help.
  • Falling out of bed. This is unlikely, but in the event, if medical help is required, we will seek it immediately. 
  • Use of props resulting in injury. We will be using knives and scissors in some parts of our opening. To avoid injury, will will supervise these items and ensure nobody enters the room will the risk is there, to avoid cutting or stabbing etc. If a minor injury occurs, we will send them to the medical centre, if the injury is major, an ambulance will be called for, to ensure immediate medical attention. This is highly unlikely, but if it does happen, consequences may be severe and life threatening.

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