8 January 2014

#24 Planning film locations

We are planning to use the following places to film our opening:
- Bedrooms in Hopeman House
Here is the email saying we can use this location, and us asking permissions

We are using the bedrooms in Hopeman because of the ease and the fact that they suit our film quite well. It is easy because we can use our own rooms, and as there are 3, that is 3 different locations already, and each is slightly different. One is quite dark (so will be used as the little girl's room), whereas another is quite light and bright, so will be used as the womans' room, as it suits what we want. Another room is bigger, and will be used as a dark, spooky room where the man is breaking the dolls, and we can use the desks lights to focus on a point and still keep a dark background. Also this room is downstairs, so means no men have to walk around the house!

-The steps outside the dance studios, and parts of inside (doorways etc.)
We chose to use the steps outside dance, as we think the location is great. It's quite a dark place, with dark walls on the outside, so will add to the eeriness of our scene. There was an email following that granted the permission from Mrs Dabell.

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