16 November 2013

#12 Moodboard

Above is the moodboard I created to think of ideas of what we should put in our video. I think loneliness should be a key theme, as it often leads to a bad situations, or extreme paranoia (a common feature of thriller films). I put a picture of someone alone in the middle of a forest because being alone in a forest is scary, so being alone in a forest, in the dark, would be a really scary situation, therefore I think it should be in our film. There are several other people on their own on my moodboard, but in slightly different situations, because I feel all those situations could be incoorperated into a thriller. Also, there's a close up of an eye, as we could show an eye of someone who is scared, to show the 'fear in their eyes', and to create suspense. I've placed a couple of pictures that are stereotypical thriller items, so the crow and the graveyard, which for me just has to be in a thriller, as it may be an element of foreshadowing (with the graveyard), and the crow, well they're just always in a graveyard, and make their scary call. I've got an image of someone crying because it creates fear, and emotion to viewers. Finally the  image of the knife is there to create suspense and foreshadow a possible murder or injury.

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