14 November 2013

#11 Key Shots from another film in genre

Above are my 9 selected shots from the title sequence of 'Skyfall'. Each is labelled with the time through the titles (according to artofthetitle.com) and below is an explanation and what we could use from them. All of the shots have dark colours, other than a few red ones, all others are dark, cold colours.
0.01 Shows a low angle shot of James Bond's body sinking down into the water. This could be used similarly in a film we could make, but show falling from the sky, using the same sort of low angle shot.
0.16 Shows someone grabbing onto Mr Bond's hand, a close up shot. We could use this shot as someone reaching out for help from someone, or someone grabbing someone to hurt them etc.
1.00 Establishing shot of a graveyard, where guns and daggers are falling, which we could replicate, but minus the guns and daggers, to create an eerie scene and suspense.
1.11 Another establishing shot showing a house and dead trees, that are all red, and a few red clouds/patches of mist swirling to create suspense. We could do similar by using a smoke machine (but obviously that wouldn't make it red)
1.23 Zooming into an extreme close-up of an eye, which then dissolves into another title. We could use this to introduce a point of view shot, like we're going in to see what someone is seeing with their eyes.
1.27 An extreme long shot, showing a person amongst many pillars and large shadows. This would be effective in a film we would make, but could possibly be used with trees, and would have a similar effect
1.33 A crane shot, where bond is in the middle and his shadow is rotating around him. This creates a sense of mystery, that would be great to use in one of our projects, and also just looks really cool!
2.00 A focus pull onto a gun, which is really effective because it makes us feel more vulnerable, we could also use this in a project.
2.50 Another establishing shot in a graveyard, which is shown in black and white, but mainly black. This creates a real sense of suspense and fear.

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