3 March 2014

#Evaluation 4 - Who's Our Perfect Audience Member?

Who is our perfect audience member?

We have come up with several people that may or may not watch our film.

Overall we thought this is what our ideal audience member would look like. Pretty, clever but not too 'nerdy' or 'dumb', but a really cool average teenager.

Here's an example of someone we wouldn't expect to want to see our thriller film. She is a really cute, young girl, who might be scared or easily frightened. She may prefer to watch a rom-com or something less scary.

This is someone who is a very tech savvy teenager. She is popular and kind. She would be the type of person who would see our film then tweet about it, however she would not be the perfect audience member, although she would come very close to being the perfect member of an audience for us!

This wouldn't be our perfect audience member as she wouldn't have the right personality to view our film the way we want it to be seen. She is a bit nerdy (hence the glasses) and may think that the film is a bit silly, or may be easily frightened by whats going on on screen.

This person may enjoy our film. She is a typical urban girl, who likes thrillers although she wouldn't quite make it to be our 'perfect' audience member because she may not understand it properly, as she may see things in a darker way, or maybe think things are funny when they are not due to her background.

(Boys might be our perfect audience member too, but I live in a house full of girls!)

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