22 February 2014

#Evaluation 1- How does our media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

1. Title of the film: We chose the title 'Cynical' because we felt it sounded like an iconic name, that would stick in someones mind upon hearing the name. Also because the word means the mistrusting of others, which is what the storyline is based on.
2. Setting: We filmed outside for several different reasons... . We thought the drive would be good, as it looks like they are lost, creating a feeling of suspense. We used the outside stairs that we did, because of the bars that are there for railing, as they make it look like one of the characters is trapped, almost like she's trapped in jail.
3. Costume: We used the costumes we did because we thought they would make the characters look more effective (Jay in a dress) to make her look sad, as black is a colour with negative connotations. We dressed Jenny in a typical dress that young girls of her age do, as it makes her look more innocent in everything and more vulnerable. We dressed Robert in smart clothes, to make him look powerful compared to the rest of the cast.
4. Camera work and editing: We used a wide range of shots in our project, including a few extreme close ups to show the emotion on the characters faces. The extreme close up of Jay's eyes is really effective because its shows the emotion in her eyes and her holding back the tears. I also found the subjective shot effective because it looks like Jenny is trapped in a room, and that she's visibly distressed about something.
5. Font and Style: We chose the font that we did because we thought it was simple and subtle and would make the titles clear to the viewers who would be easily able to read them. The font is slightly different between the main title and the smaller titles, this is so that the main title stand out more and be more recognisable. 
6. Story/Narrative: Our final product is slightly different to what we planed, because when we put together the planned footage, in the planned sequence, we didn't think it was effective enough, so we switched it around, and subsequently altered the storyline. It is now the opening to a film about a break up, and then stalking.
7. Genre and suggestions of it: The genre of our film is thriller, which we attempted to re create by using a variety of techniques. We used eerie sound effects, like gun shots that are reverberant and other distant background sounds like children talking over an eerie shot. We also used colours that are related to thriller, such as black and grey, then we made the colours contrast against each other a lot so it looked scarier.
8. Characters: We used 3 characters in our film, a man, a young woman, and a young girl. We cast the people to play them because we thought they suited the roles. Jenny was perfect for the role of the young girl, because she could play the role, and could do what we needed her to do in a very good (almost professional) way. We chose Robert to play the man, because we thought he would be able to be quite a strange and eerie person to have play the role. We chose Jay as the young woman because she is very good at acting, and she has a very strong presence. She is also very mature so we knew she would be great to work with. 
9. Special FX: We used a number of special FX. Including greyscale to add to suspense and make things seem a little less clear. We used a lot of slow motion effect to make it feel a lot more slow moving, and that its building up more. 

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