6 November 2013

#8 Research on thrillers.

Common thriller films include...
and many more!

These types of movies can be identified by the following traits...
  • to give the veiwer the feeling of fascination to the movie, with excitement and mixed aprehension.
  • Gives veiwer on-edge feeling.
  • Suspense is about conflict and the obstacles between the protagonist and his goal.
  • suspense is often mixed with hope and fear.
-Themes and characters
  • Themes: ransoms, captivities, heists, revenge, mind games, kidnapping, stalking, death traps and paranoia.
-Main elements
  • The protagonist is faced with death, either his and/or her or someone else's.
-he's faced against a problem (usually death), sometimes an escape or a mystery. Most emphasis on the movie is placed on the protagonist.
  • The force of the antagonist's must initially be stronger/wiser than the protagonist's.
-This makes the protaganist have to fight, and be fearfull of the antagonist.
  • The main storyline for the protagonist is either a quest or a character that cannot be put down.
  • The main plotline focuses on a mystery that must be solved.
  • The film's narrative construction is overpowered by the protagonist's point of view.
  • All action and characters must be credibly realistic or natural in their representation on screen.
  • The protagonist and antagonist may battle, themselves and each other, not just on a physical level, but on a mental one as well.
  • Either by accident or their own curiousness, each character is dragged into a dangerous fights or a situation that they aren't prepared to resolve.

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