24 November 2013

#16 Institutions to help with film

Upon researching popular film institutions in the UK, I discovered that the following are the most famous in Britain:

Film 4 

There are also several others!

These companies would help fund the cost of production, as long as the budget isn't too extreme, they will do all they can to help fund your film if it's worth it!
One of the most popular film distributers world-wide is 'Dreamworks Home Entertainment', which makes films ready for cinemas and home dvd's etc. The popular UK distributer is 'Vertigo Films'.
Exhibiters are the ones who actually show films in cinemas, and decide which cinemas to screen the films in, sometimes according to size of the cinema and the audience that would go the cinema, and how much the film would make.
Home exhibition is when we watch DVD's/Blu Rays and youtube clips etc.
LoveFilm and Netflix are examples of exhibitors!

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